Members packages of Virtual Retail Week

35000 ₽including taxes
50000 ₽including taxes
75000 ₽including taxes
Company name in the category
Access to the chat Networking in the Personal Cabinet
Stand construction
Online Chat
Download presentation materials for download
Up to 50 Mb
Up to 50 Mb
Up to 100 Mb
Lead collection form
Access the metrics and audience stand
Meeting room**
The webinar room***

* individual development means the following: individual completion of one of the stand models according to the customer's tor or provision by the customer of a 3d model of the stand (requirements)

** The opportunity will be provided after 01.01.2021

*** The opportunity will be provided after 01.01.2021


Exhibitor card description

6 reasons to get involved in Retail Week Expo

Target audience in one place
Useful contacts and new clients. The exchange of contacts
Personal page of the company
It allows small businesses to reduce the cost of their own online page. Generate a QR code for a direct link to the page and share it with your partners
The collection of contact information and lead generation
Online Consultations. Sign up for online negotiations. feedback form
Expert industry community
Events in the format of closed and open webinars. Streams and chats with experts
Meetings and negotiations online
Save on travel expenses. Saving a conversation in a chat
Мarketing opportunities
Online interactivity and contests. Partner packages

How to participate Retail Week Expo

Exhibition Sections